She put her head in her arms on the table as the salt water hit the skin of her arm before rolling down to the wood table and even the alcohol wasn’t enough to numb the pain. She could feel the darkness creeping in around her soul searching wandering etching its way in. Grabbing hold of anything it could invading creeping sucking the life from her. She didn’t have the strength to push it out away banish it from within. It took control until she couldn’t breathe sucking in air but it went nowhere because the darkness found its way into her lungs and it was nothing but a deep void of nothingness there and what happened when she tried to breathe oh god it hurt please make it go away. She felt the urge to cut cut cut cut some more until she was nothing but a mass of bleeding mess all over the wood table blood getting into the grains of the wood table. Her heart hurt and was beating out of control the only thing left fighting for its life within her fragile frame. She could feel her body shutting down down down into nothing and she almost panicked as she could feel herself floating away and she was no longer in her own body. It was only the alcohol making her feel light and fuzzy and heavy all at the same time as the weight of the world and gravity fell onto her until it was impossible to move but just sob and cry and feel the emptiness in her soul as it was enveloped by the darkness. Wearily she lifted her head from the table and saw the half empty whiskey bottle and the shot glass tipped over beside it but it was hazy and her eyes couldn’t focus. The alcohol didn’t numb the pain and she hurt why was it so painful. She slumped down again and welcomed the darkness and the quiet that came with it.


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