This Little Town- Chapter Two

On the short drive to my apartment, I was nervous. It had been a while since I had been with anyone, I was always so busy. My stomach was in knots and I could barely breathe. I forced myself to calm down as I parked and walked to the door, waiting for Misty. It was a nice building, stucco with large balconies that overlooked the ocean. I smiled at her as she sauntered up the walkway that was lined with orchids.

“This is a lovely building,” she said, looking up. It was about ten stories high, and my apartment was on the very top. I unlocked the outer door and let her in. We walked to the elevators and I pressed the button for the ninth floor. The top two floors were actually divided into two-level apartments. I was a bit jittery and thought maybe Misty could tell. She smiled and looked down at the floor as the elevator dinged and the doors opened up to the hallway. I got my keys out again and opened the door, the slightly cooler air feeling nice on my body. I could feel the cooler air snake up between my legs and touch my bare parts.

I dropped my purse on a creme colored leather chair in the living room and walked to the bar. There was a fishtank in the bar that was lit pink. Almost the entire wall was glass, showing some lights of the town and the coast. There was a sliding door that went out to the deck. “Would you like something to drink?” I asked as I put on some soft folk music.

“Sure,” Misty said as she walked over to join me. She got very close as she asked what I had. I could smell her musky floral perfume that was bitter and sweet at the same time, and entirely intoxicating. My heart skipped a beat as I answered her, and she opted for a shot of SoCo and a beer. She was standing right in front of the SoCo and my arm brushed her breast as I reached for the bottle. I saw her chest move as she breathed deep and I couldn’t hide my smile. We each took a shot, and she reached for the shot glass and the bottle. She poured another shot and placed the glass in my cleavage. I threw my head back and laughed. It had been so long since someone had done a boob shot! She laughed with me after she had swallowed the sweet liquid.

“It’s been a while since I’ve done that, and yours are perfect,” she said with a laugh.

“It’s been a while for me too,” I admitted.

“Has it been a while since you’ve been with someone too?” She looked into my eyes and I was again taken aback at her beauty. She had only rimmed her eyes with black eyeliner and some mascara, but she didn’t need any shadow.

“Yeah, it has,” I said quietly, looking down. “I live a very busy life.”

“That’s understandable,” she murmured, touching my hair. She was about the same height as me, and I closed my eyes. The feeling of someone else’s hands in my hair was magical, and my scalp tingled. I opened my eyes after a moment, filled with desire for this gorgeous woman standing before me, and threw my shyness out the window. This woman was here with me, and I was going to have her. I pressed her against the counter, our breasts touching. I kissed her, gently probing at her lips with my tongue until she opened them to let me in. I took her, my hands in her hair. My tongue invaded her mouth, seeking hers. She gave herself to me willingly, as I demanded. I kissed her chin, down her neck, and to her collarbone. I felt her shudder as she gently scratched her nails down my back. I moaned into her skin, and licked her neck, gently nipping with my sharp teeth. I heard her sharp intake of breath, but she didn’t ask me to stop.

I moved to the other side of her neck, my hands grasping her hair and gently pulling. Her skin was so soft and luxurious, I wanted to feel all of it underneath my hands. Half of her back was bare from the style of her dress and I gently caressed her as I kissed her full lips. I was thrilled that this exotic woman was going to be mine tonight, my gut tight with anticipation. I gently tugged at her lip and she closed her eyes and moaned, the sound sending ripples of desire throughout my body. I wanted to go slow; I wanted to savor this moment.

Misty kissed me back, pressing her body against mine. I felt electrified by the feeling of her and I wanted to be everywhere. I couldn’t wait to taste more of her, more than the sweet whiskey on her breath. I reached down to grab her ass and pull her closer, my hand gently kneading the soft flesh. She moaned into my mouth and I tasted her want, felt it by the way she shuddered. I felt incredibly lucky to have this woman in my arms, and I intended on extrapolating on the opportunity.


4 thoughts on “This Little Town- Chapter Two

  1. The intensity and honesty, of two women loving one another, should tell a man who is paying attention exactly what he needs to do, to show his woman that he truly loves her, and how he needs to do it. This is a magnificent story, thus far, Crystal. Keep it flowing.

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