She didn’t care. Not really. He was just another drunk slob getting a little too close. She side stepped his advance, dancing close, but keeping him at bay. He was attractive, and she wouldn’t mind it. But now was work time, as she slithered her body around the pole, her skin touching and sliding. The music invaded her, and she felt it. The drunken man leaned against the stage again, waving money at her. He was tipping her well, so she danced over to him, shaking and swaying her hips. When he put the 20 on her hip, his fingers lingered there. She knew the bouncers would throw him out for touching so she shied away from him, continuing her routine on the pole. Her hot pink G-string and bra left little to the imagination, with her tits bouncing around. Hers were actually real, and she wasn’t skin and bones like everyone else. She had curves, feminine curves, and it was the only club she could find that would allow her to dance. She made a lot of money here, because there were many men that preferred her shape.

After the next song played, she picked up the bra she had flung off at some point and exited the stage. She felt the buzz from it all, and counted her money from the previous dances in the evening, and sighed happily at the wad of cash she had now stuffed in her purse. The night was coming to a close as the last dancer shook her tits and ass for the men; and, some women. She didn’t mind getting cozy with the women. When she worked the floor, she just as happily shoved their faces in her tits as much as men. She usually felt turned on after dancing for a crowd, and felt her pussy was a bit wet. She put her bra back on and slipped on a short black dress that clung to her curves. Her long burgundy hair hung nearly to her ass now, and she loved it long. She didn’t bother cleaning her face and she said goodbye to the other dancers, and the bouncers. She walked to her car, and saw a tall figure leaning against her car door. She paused for a moment, wondering if she should go get a bouncer to take care of it. She shook her head, still high from dancing, and brazenly walked to her car. If anything happened she had 6 inch stilettos on, itching to get stuck in a piece of meat, preferably testicles.

She got closer and recognized the drunk that must have given her $200 or more that night in 20’s. She hoped he didn’t want it back, but would give it back to ease any troubles.

“Hey baby,” he said in a low voice. He didn’t sound that drunk, but one could never be sure.

“Hey, sugar. You mind stepping away from my car? I’ve got somewhere to be.” She tried sounding nonchalant, but she was sure she heard her own voice tremor a little.

“Nah. I’ve got an idea for you and I. Seeing as I paid you so much, how about I get my money’s worth? Take it or leave it, babe.”

She looked him up and down. He didn’t really seem like a sleaze. He was well-dressed, in black slacks and a dark red shirt. His hair was well-kept and short, black, and green eyes. He wasn’t overweight, and he looked decent. She could use a roll in the hay, it had been a while.

She fluttered her eyelashes at him, knowing she didn’t need to, and smiling. “What’s your idea, honey?”

“You, come home with me,” he whispered, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close. “I’ve got a few new toys I’d like to try out.” His lips were nearly touching her ear he was so close. She felt heady, tremors slipping through her body. Her gut clenched, a warm glow spreading throughout her body.

“What kinds of toys?” She purred.

“A riding crop, some rope, a flogger, some other new toys.”

Her body burned at his words. “Do I get a safeword?” she whispered.

“If you want, sweet cheeks.”

“Should I follow you?”

He grinned and answered, “I’ll drive.” He led her to his car, and opened the door for her. In the back of her mind, she worried about dying, but she was more thrilled at the chance to be a submissive again. It was something that she loved being, but it was hard finding a good dominant. He saved her from having to speak by putting on some music. She was surprised to hear the crooning of Frank Sinatra. Before she could say anything, he smiled and said, “Even submissives should be romanced.” They didn’t speak another word until they approached his house, about 20 minutes later. Her eyes widened and she gasped a little. He was well dressed, but she didn’t think he was this wealthy. The house was more like a mansion, three stories high and made of grey brick. The driveway was long, and ended in a circle at the back of the house, with a four car garage. He parked and they walked out to the patio, where a beautiful pool and patio area was lit up, with plants and flowers all around. He grabbed her hand and led her through a sliding glass door, unlocking the mechanism with his phone.

Inside was no less opulent, with soft, white carpets and shimmering crystal all over and hints of color: a deep red sofa that was in an L-shape, a dark grey rug, and of course the artwork on the walls that splayed depictions of flowers and mountain scenes, river and sea side scenes. She was sure her jaw was on the ground and she looked up to see high ceilings. She looked around as he led her through this living room and he brought her down some stairs. She was starting to feel nervous. He seemed like a good guy, but one could never be sure.

Finally, they reached the basement, and it was decked out. There was another huge sofa and a large television that seemed like it wouldn’t even fit in her apartment. She saw small surround sound speakers all over the room, and knew that the sound would be amazing. He opened a door on the other end of the room and flicked on a light. This room was different. It was black: the walls, the ceiling, and the carpet. There was a huge bed that had red satin sheets, and toys were lined all around the room. She saw dildos of varying shapes and sizes, vibrators, whips, chains, rope, butt plugs, and a myriad of other sexual devices. She was once again excited, and turned to him expectantly, waiting. A true submissive.

“Any hard limits?” He looked her over in her dress, and she could tell that he was imagining the things he wanted to do to her.

“Only one: no marks. I have to dance, so no marks that won’t go away after a few hours,” she breathed.



He nodded once, and his demeanor changed. It seemed as though he got taller, and his eyes got harder and wicked, with a twinkle in them. “On your knees,” he commanded.

She quickly obeyed, fire spreading throughout her body. She could already feel her pussy getting wet. He seemed pleased with her speed in obeying his order.

“Sit back on your feet, your hands on your knees.”

Again she quickly obeyed, wondering what it was he wanted to do to her. Part of the excitement was the not knowing what was coming. She licked her lips in anticipation. He came behind her and slipped one of the straps down of her dress, caressing her skin with his smooth fingertips, running one down her arm. It was difficult for her to keep still, and she felt breathless. His lips softly kissed her bare shoulder and her heart skipped a beat. She could feel his presence behind her, all around the room. The air was heavy with the feeling of want and need.

He slowly pulled the clingy dress over her head, until only her long hair was touching her back. She shivered a little, as he unclasped her bra, and slid it off her arms, her large tits free. Her nipples instantly hardened coming in contact with the air. She heard him stand, and he walked away, coming back a moment later. Then she felt a collar being slipped onto her neck, snugly fitted to her. She smiled at it, and heard the clang of a chain. He hooked it to her collar, and walked away with it. She crawled on her hands and knees to follow him to the bed.

“Take off your panties,” he commanded. She stood in front of him and slipped them off, knowing this was not the time for dancing. She caught a whiff of her own pussy and loved the scent. Sex was sex sometimes, and this was exciting sex. She knew it wouldn’t go further than this room, and she was okay with that, as long as she got this moment.

“Get on the bed, on all fours.”

She crawled up on the bed the chain dragging underneath her, and heard him go get something else. He came back and she had her ass in the air, defenseless. Something slapped down on her ass softly, and she could feel it was the riding crop. She moaned, and the crop came down on her ass again. Her skin jiggled slightly, and her stomach felt tight with want. She cried out each time as the crop came down on her, a little harder each time. He finally stopped smacking her, and she wanted to writhe in ecstasy, but knew she had to stay in the position she was in. Her pussy was more than ready for penetration, but she figured it would be a while before anything entered her. His hand massaged her ass, which must be red by now and she whimpered at the contact. He grabbed the chain that trailed between her legs and lifted it, until it rubbed on her aching pussy. He pulled it against her until the chain was taught and she moaned. He gave the chain some slack, and pulled it against her again. He repeated until she was shaking and close to coming, but stopped just before. Her breathing was ragged, and her body was on fire. She was hyper aware of his movements, and heard him get another toy. This time, he brought down a flogger on her backside.

She arched her back, crying out. She was thankful her hair had parted to the sides as he lightly smacked her with the flogger in different spots on her exposed body: her calves, the back of her thighs, her now sensitized ass, different areas of her back. She felt like she was going to explode if she wasn’t allowed release soon, but knew this was part of his game. He was getting off on denying her pleasure. He again repeated the process with the chain as soon as he was done with the flogger, and again denying her pleasure until she nearly begged for release. She was about to start sobbing when he ordered her to put her face down on the bed. He brought her arms behind her back, and tied them together. Her cheek to the satin felt lovely, as did the binding of her arms. She heard him removing his clothing and she breathed in relief. He was finally going to let her have release of the pressure that had been building in her body. Her pussy was so wet and aching, swollen and ready for him. He climbed onto the bed behind her, slapping her ass with his hands until her skin stung. She cried out, wanting him inside of her.

She felt him enter her, and she took a deep breath, sucking in air through her teeth. He pulled on her bound hands, until she was up on her knees, and he pulled in and out of her slowly. Her brought her to a peak, and then drew out completely. She whimpered at the absence of him as he pushed her back down to the bed, cheek to the satin once again. Her chest heaved at her breathing and her heart raced. He bent down to her ear, and ordered her to beg, using a soft but firm voice. She begged and pleaded him, both of them aroused at her begging for him to come back to her. The pressure inside of her was almost more than she could bear, and tears started forming in her eyes; not from sadness, but from want and need.

After what seemed like an eternity, he slammed his hard cock into her pussy and she screamed as the full force of him tore into her. It felt so wonderful and full. He moved inside her hard and fast, pounding into her again and again. One of his hands mashed into her hair, gripping and smashing her face into the bed. She knew it wouldn’t be long until she came, and she could only hope he allowed it this time. She shook from the force of his thrusting in his violence. She loudly cried out over and over again every time she felt the full length of him inside her. The orgasm was sudden and gripping. Her entire body tightened in the release of it, and he came just after she did, slamming into her one last time, as he emptied himself into her. She screamed at the force of it, her world spinning out of control and they both collapsed on the bed, him on top of her. He undid the rope and they just laid there for a few minutes, collecting themselves. As he pulled out, aftershocks of the orgasm gripped her and she cried out. He stroked her hair and held her as their hearts returned to a normal rate.

“Can I keep you?” He whispered after a long while

The question sent a thrill through her, and she simply replied with a yes.

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