Stepping into the void, jagged stones cut the soles of her feet. It was vast, and dark. It took a moment for her to realize she was stepping on fragmented bones. It was a field of broken bones. Soft in their life, fragile in their death. The bones cut ever deeper into her flesh, blood trailing behind her slow wake. Thin and bare of body, the air chilled her to the sinews. She cried as she walked towards the soft glow of light, radiating out. It had to be better there. Better than this chamber of echoes, bones snapping beneath her. Disoriented, vision blurry. She thought she was moving in the right direction, but she could be wrong. She just wanted to be there. She could almost feel heat from the glow. She crept on, wanting to sooth her battered feet. She wondered how she got here. She remembered nothing. Who was she? Body and mind alike were foreign to her. She knew not her name. What life was this? Bones and bones and bones. She chanted the word in her mind. Bones. Bones. She wept, clawing her skin with her long fingernails, making herself bleed. Trying to take her mind from the pain in her feet. She thought they were starting to go numb anyway. Was she in shock? She approached the light. It was a tunnel, going down, down, down. Bones lined the walls. It was getting brighter and warmer. She rounded a bend, and came to a fork. The two left paths were dark. The right was where the light came from. Still sobbing, her cries echoing in the chambers, bones still breaking the skin. Was there skin left? She frantically scratched at her arms more and more, still chanting bones. It became audible as she whispered the word. Whispered softly. Creeping. Finally she fell to her knees in the pile of bones. They cut into her knees, and her hands, she bloodied her hands, crawling, pulling herself forward. Her skin was starting to burn from the heat of the light. She finally reached the end of the path, and collapsed on bones, on her side. Losing so much blood, she couldn’t move any further. She looked towards the light, and screamed. Screamed so loud she thought her ear drums would burst. He was huge, and burning. Fire on every part of him, and he was blackened. Horns came from his head, and a forked tongue hissed out at her. He walked to her and flipped her to her back, she could feel the bones digging into her back. She felt the horrid creature shove himself into her, violently, and she screamed again and again, as he rocked her body on the sharp bones, tearing her skin. He roared, fucking her until she bled, her screams unheard by anyone else. Her skin was scorching, pain forcing her body to go numb. She clawed out her eyes with her fingernails, blood dripping down her face. She didn’t want to look on this hideous creature that was defiling her, shoving himself into her and pinning her down. She felt his burning mouth on hers and he bit off her tongue, eating it as he rammed his cock inside her, so deep inside. Her sobs quieted as she bled, no longer caring what was happening to her. Maybe she deserved it. Finally, as he was done, she lay motionless, her skin turning cold as soon as he came inside her and left her there. He preferred his meat cold. She lay still, turning blue. He went to her, ripping an arm off her body. He ate the cold flesh as though he was eating cold chicken, picking her bones clean, tossing them aside to make the pile of bones bigger. Finally, there was nothing left of her but broken bones..except for the heart. He always savored the heart for last. He held it in his burning hands for only a moment, otherwise the fire would heat up the meat too much. He thought he saw it beat just before he lifted the heart to his lips. He chewed a little slower, growling in pleasure at the taste. He finished, and waited. He was always waiting for his next meal. His appetite was never satiated.


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