Halfling- Chapter Eleven

The large meadow had been transformed into Utopia. At the center sat a small, snow-capped mountain, with a river that tumbled down and spilled into a pond in a waterfall, with clear, turquoise water; so translucent Jasmine could see exotic, fish of all colors swimming all around, reflecting the brilliant sunlight that filtered down through the water. Yellow and shimmering gold; deep, garnet red and dark purple; brilliant, sapphire blue, all swimming around the coral reaching for the top of the waves.

Surrounding the pond were flowers of every color: roses that were deep red and pure white; snapdragons of purple and blue; sunflowers of bright yellow. The beauty of them took her breath away and she stared in awe at the animal life that swarmed around the pond: deer that drank from the crisp water, birds that flew overheard and cheerfully chirped, squirrels that twitched and ran from one spot in the green grass to another, and many other creatures that scurried around. Fruitful trees provided shade and rest for birds. From the pond, a mellow stream lazily wound around the meadow, and out into the trees. The meadow was completely alive, where once it had been partly dead. Life flourished, and Jasmine wanted to spend the rest of her life here.

“This mountain,” Gareth started, barely whispering, shocked. “It wasn’t here before.”

“We did this,” Jasmine whispered back, afraid to speak loudly, that this might all disappear in a dream. She grabbed his hand in hers, amazed at what they had done together. “We can fix this. We can fix this dead land, together, you and I,” she said softly. How could one call him evil, when he had helped create this from the energy of the stars? She knew it had been that final fling of energy as they both had cum, spinning back down to earth with gasping breaths.

Jasmine walked over to the pond with Gareth, and knelt down at the edge, cupping her hand in the cool water, bringing it to her soft lips, and drinking it in. It was refreshing down her throat, and she closed her eyes in the sunlight, just listening to the nature surrounding her. She felt as though she were a part of it, and as she tuned in, she realized that she was still sharing energy with Gareth, keeping a high amount spindled in their chi. She was surprised that she hadn’t even felt it. “Do you feel that energy?”

He was silent a moment, and she could tell when he felt it too. It almost became unbalanced, but she kept a handle on it. They were connected in a way that neither of them had felt before, intrinsically intertwined. He knelt beside her and softly touched her face, cupping her cheek in his hand. He leaned in to give her a gentle kiss on the lips. Whatever this was, it felt right. For the first time since Gareth had learned to control the energy of the universe, he felt whole and complete, like this was all there could ever be in life to make him feel happy. This woman, in his arms. He knew now that it wasn’t just a passing fancy, or infatuation. This was real. He felt a swelling in his chest, a happiness that was spreading from within.

While Gareth was feeling warm and happy, Jasmine was confused. She wasn’t sure what was going on, or what this was. She had loathed him not too long ago, but now it was strange that she now felt happy. Was that because of Gareth? Was it the new and amazing meadow she now stood in? Was it because she knew she had created something so remarkable from the energy of the stars? That she had taken potential energy and turned it into beauty and wonderment? Could she even trust him? All of these questions and more went through her mind. She felt like she couldn’t even think, with how busy her mind was. She allowed Gareth to kiss her, and she kissed him back. She didn’t think denying him would feel right, so she didn’t even try.

He kissed her deeper, his hands in her hair. They stood, and kissed as they removed their clothing for the second time. With a sly look, she walked to the water, and stepped in. He watched her walk away from him, studying the view of her bare back and round behind, curving to her luscious and thick thighs. He grew hard at the sight, and followed her into the cool water. She stood waist high, and he had the pleasure of watching her front. He took her full breasts in his hands, gently kneading the soft flesh with his fingers. She threw her head back and quietly moaned. He lowered his head and took a breast in his mouth, and she pressed the both of them closer together, until she felt his hardness just at her opening. Gareth gently tugged at her nipple with his teeth, sucking and rolling it with his tongue. She gasped and moaned, her hands on the back of his head, grasping his hair and keeping him close.

Gareth moved to the other breast, tweaking the now swollen nipple with his thumb and forefinger. He kissed the valley between her breasts, licking his way up her neck, softly biting and sucking. They could hear the waterfall just behind them, and they moved to stand underneath the softly falling water, light as a shower on a warm spring day. They kissed under the water, and he bit her lower lip, tugging. He lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He slowly entered her, and she cried out at the contact, hugging her arms around him tighter. He lifted her up by her ass, and brought her back down, with the water falling down around them. She scratched her nails up his back, making him moan.

Jasmine moaned his name in his ear, begging for release. It was already more than she could bear, the warm sensation that was spreading throughout her body, starting between her legs and spreading to her belly. She cried out, moaning loudly as he moved her faster and harder on him. He didn’t want to cum yet, so he pulled energy from the universe, shivering as it flew into and through them both, making them both cry out with the intensity, and he strained to control himself and the energy flowing through them.

She felt him inside, stretching her, hurting, but feeling exquisite. She bit his neck, leaving her mark on him. She felt like she needed to identify him as hers, that this magic was special, and couldn’t be replicated by anyone else. She felt an incredible amount of energy flowing through them, making them glow with energy from the stars and from lovemaking. It was more than the first time, and it nearly felt like she was being ripped to pieces, and being put back together again all at the same time. She saw galaxies behind her eyelids, swirling around and flying by. She felt like if she waited long enough, she could see the start of universe itself. But she couldn’t wait any longer, and she moaned as she came, Gareth cumming with her. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over them, and Jasmine released the energy that they had been storing together, and she didn’t even pay attention to what happened to it, she just let it go, as she rode the waves and shuddered, clutching to him. The water that was falling on them cooled her off, and she tried to catch her breath.

Gareth’s breath was heavy as well, as she unhooked her legs from his waist and he gently set her down on shaky legs. They stood close, embracing. Jasmine still didn’t understand what was happening between the two of them. The fact that they could create such beauty and perfection together had to mean something. Were they soulmates? Did she love him? Did she even believe in such a thing? Was this some sort of destiny? She didn’t know the answers to these questions. She only knew that this was right, what was happening. She wished she could live here with him, building a life in this meadow, just the two of them. She softly kissed his lips, and they moved deeper into the waterfall, behind it, where they found a cave that shimmered.

Jasmine gasped at the sparkling gold, extending as far back into the cave as she could see. They stepped up onto the rocks and looked closer, Gareth’s hand around her waist. She hugged him, pressing her body close to his. She had an unexplainable urge to be near him at all times, touching in some way. They turned and looked out at the meadow, through the water. It was distorted, but it was all still so beautiful. She leaned her head on his shoulder as he held her. They didn’t even need to say anything; they were just experiencing everything together. They walked out of the cave, hand in hand, back under the waterfall, and walking around the coral to step out of the pond.

The first thing they saw was that the meadow was surrounded with life. The dead trees had come back to life, bearing fruit and leaves of green of all shades. Then she noticed the giant shield that surrounded the meadow. And, all of the halflings that lined the edges of the shield. She screamed, quickly grabbing her dress and putting it on, Gareth doing the same with his clothes.

“Gareth, there has to be a hundred of them!” Jasmine said frantically, looking all around. “What are we going to do?” She could feel them, starting to attack the shield. She felt its incredible strength, as both of them were connected to it, but she didn’t know how long it would last.

Gareth was silent, berating himself for being stupid. They should have started running the moment they had released the first bout of energy, creating the meadow in which they stood. Any halfling within miles would have felt it, and come running. He thought that the both of them must have sensed the danger when they had released the second bout and the universe had created the shield to protect them. Neither of them had paid attention to where the energy had gone. “I’m not sure, but I think there’s something we should try.”

“What is it?” She asked, trying to calm down. She had to keep her wits about her, so both of them could come out of this without having to face the queen. She shuddered at the thought.

“Okay. So, the both of us pull energy from the universe. We spindle a lot of it, making it stronger within us, sharing it. Then we fling it at them. That amount of energy should kill them. All of them. Then we run like hell, as fast as we possibly can, because there will be more of them. We have to get away from here,” he explained, looking into her eyes.

Jasmine nodded, and took a deep breath. She could do this. They faced each other, and held hands. They raised them above their heads, creating an arch with their arms. They both pulled energy from the stars and beyond, and she gasped, still not used to the force of it. She had to concentrate to keep it from pulling her apart from the inside out. She balanced her chi with Gareth’s, closing her eyes. They let it build and grow, swirling inside their sinews and bones. She was having a hard time keeping it under control. She felt it tearing her apart inside. She was going to lose it, and let it take over, if they didn’t release the attack soon.

Gareth felt her quivering, and concentrated on the task. They both tilted their heads to the sky, drawing more in. He felt her faltering, and could only hope she found the will within herself to hold the energy until it was ready. He hadn’t meant for her to have to work with this much, this quickly. Finally, he sensed that it was ready, and he let go of her hands. They both held their arms outward, flinging the energy along with the movement. As it rushed out of them, they both felt lightheaded from the effort of the attack. They heard the screaming of the halflings, a horrible, high-pitched wail that keened throughout the meadow and echoed off the trees. Jasmine put her hands over her ears, but she could still hear a muffled version of it. Finally, there was silence.

They looked out past their shield, and saw nothing but fallen halflings, not moving. The released the shield, flinging it back out to space, letting it fill in as dark matter once again. They ran, Gareth first, since he knew where they were going. Jasmine sprinted behind, running as fast as her legs could take her, Gareth adjusting to her speed. The forest got denser as they moved through it, ducking, jumping, and dodging, nimble as a deer fleeing through the trees, their senses in an extreme heightened state from the magic. She forced herself to breathe with her steps, her lungs one with her legs and feet. She could hear her heartbeat in her ears, along with the sounds of other animals, twigs breaking and leaves crunching. Everything was one as she followed him through the trees. She had never felt so alive as she did running from the halflings that were sure to be following them. Neither of them looked behind them to check, they just kept running.

The trees continued to stay alive and green, so she knew they must be angling away from the castle, a relief to her mind. They continued to run until Gareth slowed down and stopped. She had no idea how far they had run, but she could tell that it was coming to be twilight. She could feel it in the air, which seemed to be alive with the spark of creation. They caught their breath, and stood to listen. They heard no one following them.

“We should have lost them by now,” he said, the same relief showing on his face. They embraced, and it felt natural to them both. He laid his head on hers, stroking her hair. He knew that the queen would now know that he wasn’t on her side, and he trembled at the thought of her wrath. He had to protect Jasmine’s life, at the risk of his own. It was as sure as the air he breathed, that this was what he had been waiting for his whole life. He found the words tumbling out of his mouth before he could stop them.

“I love you.”

Those three words were a shock to Jasmine’s system. She had sensed that he’d had feelings for her, but, love? She widened her eyes, unsure of what to say. She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could, they both heard a twig snap behind Gareth. She peered around his wide frame, and screamed.

“Well what do we have here?” A snide voice commented.

Gareth whirled around, prepared to fight, and saw himself at the pointed end of a sword. He swore under his breath and made sure Jasmine was behind him.

“A queen’s minion halfling professing his love of the princess?” The sword-bearer continued, grinning. “There’s something I thought I’d never hear.”


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